An Introduction

I'd like to introduce you all to the 6th member of our household - Flint the dog!

Flint is almost 5 years old, he's an American Bulldog X Labrador and is the most sweet, loving and gentle dog you could ever dream of.  We got him as a pup and he really has become one of the family, he's been to all sorts of places with us, always behaving himself and never letting us down. Sometimes people visit us just to see him!

When he was around a year old he had to have surgery for elbow dysplasia on both elbows.  This was a very difficult time but the results were amazing - he hasn't had any further problems since the surgery and is pretty much living a normal life!  I say pretty much because when they x-rayed his elbows at a year old they discovered he had early signs of arthritis in the elbow joints (apparently this is common when a dog has elbow dysplasia).  

This means that we need to keep his weight down so exercise is important for him but we have to be careful not to overdo the exercise so that his joints hurt - we have to get the balance right.  We currently have him on the Arden Grange Light dry dog food which is doing a great job of maintaining his weight.

Flint loves to be involved with everything we are doing, this includes playing board games - he will lay on the floor with his paws on the edge of the board! 

He loves running around with the kids, although this can sometimes be problematic because of his size, and he is the perfect gentleman when E wants to fiddle with his toes.

He may lose his hair all over the floor and spray slobber everywhere when he shakes his head but we wouldn't change him for the world.


  1. It's fun to introduce a new family member - whether four legged or two! Commenting from the #BYOBH linky :-)

    1. I think he would've been upset with me if he didn't get a special mention on my new blog ;)

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!


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