Family Mealtimes

In the past our family mealtimes consisted of the children sitting at a small table with my husband and myself sitting with trays on the sofa, all whilst watching TV.  This had been bothering me for a while so last year I decided to rearrange our table which was covered in junk very important items so that we could all sit together properly to eat.

I'm pleased to say that our mealtimes have changed dramatically, we now turn the TV off and each of us takes it in turns to talk about what we've done that day.  Since having our third child it has been more difficult to find the time for individual chats so I love that this gives us the chance to find out more about our children's lives and it gives them an opportunity to talk about anything they want to. Even E has to have her say, often shouting at the top of her voice while someone else is talking and making everyone laugh.

I would definitely recommend everyone sitting up at the same table to any family, I used to roll my eyes whenever anyone said that to me but I can happily admit that they were right and I was wrong because it really has made a difference to us!

Does your family sit at the table together or do you prefer sofas, trays and TV? Leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you.