Fisher-Price Laugh 'N' Learn Musical Mirror

I just had to share this fabulous toy with you because E loves it so much!
She was given some money for Christmas so we took her to Toys R Us to spend it, we didn't really know what we would get her though because she had already received lots of toys for Christmas.  She is obsessed with looking at herself in the mirror so as soon as we saw this we had a feeling she would enjoy it. Well I think it's safe to say that we were right - I have never seen her react so strongly to a toy before - she was sat in the trolley waving her arms and legs around and shouting until we passed it to her!

It cost £29.99 which I think is reasonable because it is a nice sturdy item, I thought the mirror might separate from the base but it doesn't (no matter how much she pushes it around). All the pieces on the dressing table are nice and chunky so she can chew them safely without me worrying about choking and the music is nice and cheerful, perfect for singing along to!

Other than looking at herself in the mirror (and talking to herself) E loves playing with all the bits, especially the puff which she likes to dribble all over and then put on our faces.  At 9 months now she is starting to try to put things back where they belong so this is the perfect toy to encourage this and with the help of N she even puts the pretend lipstick to her mouth.

The recommended age is 6 months+.  I would happily recommend it to parents with babies of that age and older because N seems to love it just as much as E!


  1. My hubby likes to look at himself in the mirror too, haha! Luckily he doesn't dribble though. Except if he's had too much wine. ;) Thanks for joining in with Blow Your Own Blog-Horn!! xx

    1. Haha this is the perfect gift for hubby too then!

      I'm excited to be joining in with Blow Your Own Blog-Horn, thank you for stopping by and commenting :) x


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