Guinness World Records 2015

How great is this years special 60th anniversary edition of the Guinness World Records Book!
We bought one as a joint christmas present for the kids because both of the older ones had put it on their list.  I actually thought they wouldn't look at it very often but it seems like every time I turn around one of them has their nose stuck in it.  I had a look too and there are just so many amazing (and sometimes freaky) records, there's something different to see every time you open it up.
On top of all of that you can also get an app for your smartphone/tablet which shows some of the pages in 3D, they call it augmented reality and it allows you to interact with the book in a whole new way.  This caused major excitement for T and N - there were shouts of "wow, that is SO cool" and "OMG, how amazing is that".

This book has been a definite hit in our household!