Our 8 year old, N, is crazy about gymnastics.

Personally my favourite part of gymnastics are the leotards, there are just so many pretty ones out there and I love browsing through the new styles.  They are quite expensive though so I tend to save buying them for birthday/Christmas time.  This is N's leotard collection at the moment, including personalised gym shorts:
Even though she's only been doing it properly for just over a year she's already been on quite a journey, she went from 1 hour training per week, to 2 hours, to 3 hours then she was accepted into a squad which required 9 hours a week of training! This seemed to turn her off the whole idea of gymnastics so we made the decision to go back to her previous coach and 2 hours per week. She was still not the same though so she's now back down to 1 hour training per week and her love for gymnastics has returned quite dramatically. I know there are many parents who wouldn't allow their children to quit squad if they had a place but our daughter's happiness is the most important thing to us so of course it was a no-brainer!

I'd love to hear about your gymnastics experiences so please feel free to leave a comment.