Hello out there!

This is my very first blog post on V Family Fun, it may not change the world but I just wanted to give you a small insight into what is happening in our world at the moment.

We have:
  • Trying to get fit and lose weight.
  • Trying to save money.
  • Coping with a child with psoriasis.
  • A baby who is teething, learning to crawl etc etc.
  • Dreaming of going back to Florida.
  • Not understanding children's homework.
  • New neighbours.
  • Family feuds.
  • Never-ending housework.
  • A coffee obsession.
  • Children's friend issues.
  • Gymnastics.
  • Boxercise.
  • Fussy eaters.
and many more.

I want to share my thoughts and opinions on some of these and probably lots more as my blog progresses. I'm a very honest person so expect the truth, I love giving praise when it's due.

So if anyone ever reads this, I hope you enjoy!