Leopard Geckos

I've already introduced you to our gorgeous dog Flint so I think it's only fair to give our other pets some screen time.  We also have 2 leopard geckos, this is T's gecko, Lego, when he was just a baby (I don't have a recent photo of him because he's quite shy):
And this is a recent photo of N's gecko, Stripy (obviously she's spotty but that's how our daughter rolls when naming her pets):
They are actually both female but we've always called them him and her because of who they belong to. We've had them for a few years now and they are quite easy to take care of once you have the vivarium all set up and at the correct temperature. They usually eat every other day, they have live locusts covered in vitamin powder and sometimes live mealworms as a treat. The kids love watching them hunt and catch their prey, there is always lots of excitement in our house at gecko feeding time!

Geckos regularly shed their skin so they need somewhere moist in the vivarium to help them do that. We have what we call 'the shed bed' and whenever they're all white and need to shed their skin they trot off into it and do what they need to. This is a fascinating process to watch although it can take a while so you need patience. Usually they eat their skin as they rub/pull it off but recently we discovered this gecko head shell at the back of the vivarium:
We've never actually found any leftover skin before, especially in such a complete condition so we were pretty chuffed about it and couldn't resist taking a photo!

Do you have or have you had geckos? I love receiving comments so go for it...