A few years ago, when he was 8, T started experiencing problems with his skin. Eventually we came to the conclusion that it was psoriasis but only recently did we have it confirmed by a dermatologist. I'm not going to lie, I was kind of devastated to have it confirmed because I think there was a part of me that hoped for a different diagnosis - one that could be easily cured. But I was also relieved that we finally had an official answer to the skin issues that had caused so much anxiety.

Having researched the condition further I realise that his isn't the worst case in the world, the dermatologist said it was a mild case, but it is so, so hard to see your child suffer any kind of health issue.  He gets patches of psoriasis on his elbows, knees, ankles, arms, scalp, ears and, worst of all, on his face.  I have to admit that it bothers me more than it bothers him, the only thing he complains about is having to constantly put creams and lotions on.  Luckily he hasn't experienced any bullying or nasty comments over it which I am very thankful for.

I know psoriasis can't be cured, it can only be managed and at the moment I feel confident that we have it under control. His creams and bath ointments seem to be keeping things at a low level and he gets as much sunshine as he can considering how rubbish the weather has been recently.  During our holiday to Florida a couple of years ago his skin completely cleared up, we've been trying to convince him we should move there but he's having none of it! I am terrified of the flare ups though, it's upsetting to see his skin look so sore and know that it's something he will have to live with for the rest of his life - he just doesn't deserve it.

Does your child have psoriasis? Or do you have psoriasis? I'd love to hear from anyone who is going through this so please leave a comment below.