My Winter Heroes Review

I would like to share with you a couple of products which I have considered to be my heroes this winter.
Firstly the Dove hand cream with shea butter and warm vanilla - I paid around £2.50 for it and it really has been a godsend for my dry hands. I've suffered with dry hands every winter for many years, often resulting in the skin splitting and bleeding. I have tried many, many different hand creams - some have helped a bit, some not at all but this cream has left my hands completely smooth and soft, they just feel so well moisturised!  The cream itself is nice and creamy (stating the obvious I know) and soaks in easily.  I hate anything that leaves my skin feeling greasy so I was pleased that this cream didn't do that.  For me the fragrance is wonderful because it's super sweet, in fact it smells good enough to eat!  If you're not keen on sweet fragrances though then you may find this a bit too much.

Now for the Balmi, I discovered this fab little product on Twitter and couldn't resist buying the raspberry version when I saw it in the Boots January sale for just £2.50 (normally £4.99). As well as dry hands, winter always causes my lips to dry out and although other lip balms have helped, none of them have made my lips feel like the Balmi, they felt instantly moisturised as soon as I put it on!  The balm is in a cone shape which makes it naturally glide across both lips and the taste (yes I know I'm not allowed to eat it but it's kind of inevitable to taste it when it's so close to your tongue) is amazingly fruity.  As I've said before I love anything fruity so this was a bonus for me. Another fab little feature is the ability to attach it to your car keys or handbag so you always have your lip balm with you. I actually keep mine at home so I always apply before I leave the house but it's nice to have the option of taking it with me and knowing it'll be safely attached to my bag. I've only needed to apply this once a day for soft lips that aren't at all sore, I haven't had any problems with dry lips since using this product.

Well those were my winter heroes, what were yours?