Puffits Review

Puffits, what a great name! To be honest this was what first attracted me to these little puffs of loveliness (well I assume they're lovely the way E, our 9 month old, shoves them in her mouth).

They come in two flavours, Raspberry & Vanilla and Cheese & Tomato, E has tried both and likes them equally.  We mainly use them for breakfast because they are multigrain cereal snacks but they are also great to take out with us as a snack-on-the-go because each box contains 5 individual packs.

They are suitable from 7 months old and this was the age we started giving them to E, they are soft and melt in the mouth easily but don't crumble in her hand unless she deliberately tries to destroy them.  She doesn't manage to eat a whole pack all at once so in the meantime we store them in an airtight container.

They are definitely E's snack of choice, whenever we put a variety of snacks in front of her she will always go for the Puffits first! The only issue we've had with these is not being able to get them in all supermarkets - we do our shopping online and so far have only been able to get them from Tesco online for around £2.

A fantastic baby snack!