The School Disco

Our children's school discos have always ended up being quite eventful so when the dreaded letter came home a couple of weeks ago announcing the date for N's school disco I was kind of hoping she wouldn't want to go.  Luckily T has now moved onto secondary school so he has moved past the whole disco thing and E has quite a while before she'll get to experience it.

In the past we've had overzealous dancing injuries, being forced to dance when they didn't want to, fall outs with friends in the middle of the disco, fall outs with friends before the disco, losing their sweets/glow stick, ripping their favourite clothes and once even a glow-in-the-dark daughter after having a broken glow stick splattered at her!  A lot of these may not seem too dramatic to you and I but to a child it is genuinely the end of the world.  It got to the point where we would take them to the disco and sit at home dreading the devastation that would ensue once they returned, usually taking most of the evening to settle them down so they could go to sleep.

Anyway, the latest disco arrives and we cautiously drop N off (while keeping our fingers crossed for a happy girl afterwards but not feeling too optimistic about it) then we realise we forgot to give her 20p to buy some sweets.  I thought that it was a terrible omen and mentally prepared myself for a rough evening. Well I needn't have bothered, she came home absolutely full of beans because she had won an inflatable microphone in a singing competition!!! She didn't care about the sweets (phew) and she had the best disco EVER! This time she couldn't sleep because she was so excited and simply couldn't stop reliving the magical moment when the lady gave her the microphone.

Our very first successful disco and it's all thanks to this little beauty.