An Overprotective Mum

Am I an overprotective mum because I like to know where my children are? Am I an overprotective mum because I like to know they've gone into school safely? Am I an overprotective mum because I monitor their online activity? Or am I just a mum who loves her kids so much that she wants to protect them as much as she can for as long as she can?

Our local junior school is within walking distance of our house so I've always walked T and N to and from school even when T was in year 6 (I was walking N anyway so that gave me a good excuse).  T started secondary school last September and I got many horrified looks when I told other mums that I would be driving him down to school in the mornings (his new school is further away but still walkable). They proudly told me their children would be walking both ways and to be honest that's fine if they're happy with that, I'm not judging other people's decisions but in that case I shouldn't be judged either.  Now, most of T's friends walk to and from school and there is a nice little group who all walk together from our area but here's the thing - I just want to see him walk through the gates, this way I know he's in school so I won't spend all day worrying about it. I even have to drive home after dropping him and then walk N to school all with a baby in tow so it's not an easy thing to achieve but it makes me happy so it's worth it. He does walk home with the group of boys who live nearby and I'd like to say I'm happy with that but I'd be lying, let's just say that I'm always a bit on edge from the moment he texts to say he's on his way home to the moment he walks through the door.

As for online activity, I was amazed recently to find out that one of N's friends (please bear in mind that she's only 9 years old) is allowed to chat to people online while alone in her room! That is one of my big no-no's where going online is concerned, both of my older children know this (I've explained the dangers to them) and stick to the rules because I keep a close eye on them. Children and the Internet really concern me so being aware of what they're up to on it is important to me and will hopefully deter them from doing anything they shouldn't.

It is a shame to feel so distrustful of society but I'm just not willing to risk my kids and if being an overprotective mum is the way to keep them safe then that's what I'll do.


  1. Kate, walking to and from school is a personal choice taking all factors into account. It depends on the area, the maturity of the child etc etc and as a parent, you have to take all these things into consideration and make a choice that suits you. Feel confident in those choices as they suit you!

    We have so many problems at school relating to Skype, FB, Instagram, forums etc. Those problems are bullying out of school (mostly with Year 6).

    So much 'grooming' takes place where children and young people trust someone really quickly and then take their chat off to 'private' and that's when the problems really begin.

    Internet safety should be given much more significance than it is. We have planned police/assemblies/small groups to inform and advise parents. It's still not enough. We have so much filtered at school that I think we fail our children. They should be able to make mistakes in a 'safe' environment that they learn from and then take into their own personal use. This is one of my pet peeves!!!!

    Well done for following guidelines for protecting your children while online. Fabulous to hear.


    1. Thank you for your comment Shaz, it's refreshing to hear from someone who agrees that driving/walking is down to personal choice!

      It surprises me, in this day and age, how many parents don't even consider the dangers of online use. Our junior school is really good at teaching the children about such things and although I had already spoken to my two about it, I think it was nice to have it all confirmed by their teachers. Though I suppose it won't work on those children who don't have the same boundaries at home - I can understand how this must be frustrating for teachers.

      Kate x


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