Avon Instinct EDP Review

I love Avon products so I always enjoy the chance to look through the new brochure whenever my Avon lady has been. This perfume was on one of the pages where you can smell the fragrance by rubbing your wrist on it and I loved it. I could smell it on my wrist all afternoon, even hubby commented on my 'new perfume' so I couldn't resist buying some.
Avon Instinct EDP
It says on the box that it is made of sparkling greens, exotic camellia and a touch of sensual sandalwood, now I'd be lying if I said I knew what any of those actually smelt like by themselves but together they smell great! I can only describe it as a fierce, feisty fragrance which makes me feel a bit like an exotic tigress when I'm wearing it. N on the other hand said she likes it because it smells really fresh.

Apart from the way it smells I also like it because it lasts - I spray it on twice during the day but it would easily last the whole day, the only reason I reapply in the afternoon is because I'm going out on the school run and putting perfume on is part of my 'getting ready to go out' routine!