DaDa, MaMa

T and N both said MaMa first but they also said DaDa a day or so afterwards. That was why, when E said DaDa for the first time, I just assumed MaMa would follow soon. Oh no, over a month later she was still only saying DaDa! It wasn't through lack of trying either, I would say MaMaMa to her and she would reply by saying DaDa with a great big smile on her face. I was starting to think that she might even say other peoples names before she said mine. Then finally this week, at least a month and a half after she first said DaDa, she actually said MaMa!!! 

Now she doesn't stop saying it and it makes me smile so much. She hasn't forgotten her DaDa though (she is very much a Daddy's girl), she looked at him this morning and said DaDa then looked straight at me and said MaMa. It's amazing how much babies grow and learn in less than a year, they really are tiny miracles!

Did your little one say DaDa or MaMa first?


  1. aw your baby is so cute! :)

    Love always,

  2. Kate, little Maddie (now 9 months) is doing the same! Mama is the one who is up every night - several times still and yet it's all Dadada. She occasionally says Mama - so you are very lucky ha! ha! Each day is a joy, isn't it? And yes, your little one is a real cutie!

    1. Thank you Linn! Each day is such a joy, it's exhausting but so worth it - even when they only say DaDa ;)

      I think Nana will be the next word, hopefully for both our girls x

    2. Ah, my mum was Nan so I'm Grandma. I still love hearing it and Bill can't say a sentence without it in there at least twice ha! ha! Enjoy every second - they are a blessing!


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