Enquiring Minds No.1

Something that never fails to entertain me as a parent are the million and one questions that children ask. This is why I've decided to do a regular feature to document some of the questions on my children's minds, mainly to remind myself (and them) of the kind of things they wanted to know as a child.

N is an inquisitive little soul so most questions do come from her but occasionally T comes out with a cracker of a question too. I'm also thoroughly looking forward to answering all the questions E will think up as she grows!

The following questions are just from the past week...
  1. How did they first work out time?
  2. How does the earth exist?
  3. How did God get on earth?
  4. Are there any colours that haven't been discovered?
  5. What if someones hands got glued to their feet?
  6. What's a catheter?
  7. What happens when the eclipse happens?
  8. Is the moon made of acid?
  9. What is the plague? 
  10. Why are doughnuts round?
My favourite from this little list has to be number 5, such a typical N question! I actually think it's quite sweet that they think myself and hubby have all the answers. I try not to make up answers to their questions but sometimes i just have to wing it and often I simply admit defeat and tell them to 'Google it'.

I would love to hear some of your favourite child questions so please feel free to share.