Enquiring Minds No.2

Enquiring minds

It's time for my new regular feature, a post which celebrates the wonderful workings of my children's minds. You can find all my 'Enquiring Mind' posts here.

This week there haven't been as many questions and when I asked N why, she replied "I've given up asking you questions mum because you never give me a good answer". Well consider me told!

Anyway on to this weeks questions:
  1. When you get sacked do you actually have to go in a sack?
  2. What if you cracked an egg and a chick came out?
  3. What were the very first two countries to go to war?
  4. Is England a continent?
  5. What is a legacy?
  6. Did Romans leave money?
  7. Can a house just be made of cement?
My favourite this week was number 1 - N thought that if a person got sacked from their job, they were put in a sack and kind of pushed out the door! Such a funny image pops up in my mind of someone being thrown out in a sack and what a great insight into the mind of my daughter. 

Don't you just love how children's minds work! I'd love to hear some of your little ones questions too...