Happy 12th Birthday!

Happy Birthday
This week it's T's 12th birthday and it just doesn't seem possible that I gave birth to him 12 whole years ago, the time has flown by!!

He's such a caring boy, he regularly thinks of others and likes to make sure everyone is happy. Recently though there has been a hint of teenage attitude and I can only imagine that will get worse as he gets closer to being 13 so in the meantime any teenager tips will be gratefully received.

It's been a brilliant 12 years!

Happy 12th Birthday T



  1. Happy Birthday T!

    I think the couple of things to remember Kate is that make sure he knows that it's the behaviour you don't like and that you still love him ... and always follow through on any sanctions (and make sure there are rewards too :)) Let him know those boundaries are there to keep him safe.

    We're always the enemy :)


    1. Thanks Shaz and thank you for the advice! That's the tricky thing isn't it, telling them off for something but making sure they know you still love them.

      Parenthood is one big learning curve!

    2. I remember being told that when they get older (and as adults), problems are still there, they just change. And it's true x


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