Indoor Camping/Trips to the Moon

The V Family love indoor camping, we have a pop-up tent which we often get out just for the kids (and grown ups) to play in and sometimes we have overnight adventures in it too!
This is a great wet weather activity - it's amazing how many games you can play with a tent, you just need to add a bit of imagination. We've travelled to the moon, gone on safari, flown to many other countries and even gone to underwater worlds where we've had to avoid deep-sea monsters and sharks! E even has a great time in the tent, she loves banging on the sides and crawling around in it. When N yells that an alien is approaching she screams with laughter and speed-crawls to the back of the tent where it's safe.
During the school holidays it's become a tradition of ours that we always have at least one overnight adventure where we all sleep downstairs, some in the tent and some on the sofas. Although it doesn't replace 'real' camping in my eyes, it's a pretty good alternative because you can do it whenever you want, there are no weather restrictions and you don't have to pack up your whole house just to go away for a couple of days (all you parents out there know exactly what I'm talking about when I say this).

Does your family have tent adventures too? I'd love to hear about them!


  1. We didn't have tent adventures Kate but we did have a 'magic' carpet that flew us to wherever we went. The fun was in the 'travelling' as much as in what the world was like when we landed.

    You don't always need a lot of money to have fun!

    Enjoy your adventures.

    1. Oh I love the magic carpet idea, we'll have to try that too! I agree that the 'travelling' is the main part of the fun - it always involves lots of screaming and laughing in our house :).

      Thank you for commenting!

    2. Miss the screaming and laughing ...

      Can't wait to be a grandma!!!!!


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