Mummy V's Buttered Carrots

A V family roast dinner just wouldn't be the same without some of our favourite buttered carrots.  It's funny really because we could have them with any meal but we prefer to save them for roast dinners so they're more of a treat!
Buttered Carrots
I've used carrot batons but you can use whichever shape or size carrot you like - obviously if you use larger pieces of carrot they will take longer to soften. I put the carrots on some foil and put 3 lumps of butter on top, I prefer to use unsalted butter but salted is fine too. Once the butter is on top you grind some pepper over everything and fold the foil into a parcel so it seals it all inside.
Buttered Carrots
The foil parcel is then put in the oven at 200°C for around an hour, this ensures the carrots are nice and soft but you can reduce this time if you prefer your carrots to be a little harder.
When the time is up open the foil parcel very carefully (there will be lots of steam), serve and enjoy!