Organix Goodies Animal Biscuits Review

I was lucky enough to win some Organix Goodies for E from a giveaway on Twitter so I thought I'd share our opinion of them.
Organix Goodies
After the success of the Cheese & Herb Puffs I was looking forward to E trying these Animal Biscuits. However, the first time I gave them to her she nibbled on one then decided that it would be much more fun to play with them and throw them on the floor!
I didn't give up and ever since then she has been trying a little bit more each day, I don't think she'll ever devour them but they certainly seem to be growing on her.
From a mum's point of view I love the little animal shapes and the fact that they have no junk in them makes me feel happy to give them to her - I can give her a snack without feeling guilty for giving her something full of bad stuff!