Organix Goodies Cheese & Herb Puffs Review

I was lucky enough to win some Organix Goodies for E from a giveaway on Twitter so I thought I'd share our opinion of them.
Organix Goodies
We tried the Cheese & Herb Puffs first, there were 4 packs of baked corn snacks coated with cheese and herbs with added vitamin B1. The individual packs make them perfect to take out and about in E's changing bag so she always has a healthy snack on hand.
Organix Goodies Cheese & Herb Puffs
I felt pretty confident that E would enjoy them (she loves most food) but I wasn't prepared for just how much she would enjoy them. She gingerly tasted the first one, her eyes lit up and she shoved the whole thing in her mouth!
After that they really didn't last long, she looked quite sad when the handful that I put on her tray had gone.  
As her mummy, I like them because of the 'no junk' promise, this makes me feel better about giving them to her as a snack and it's a bonus that she enjoyed them so much. We will definitely be buying these in future.