Doh Vinci Review

Something that really inspires me about my children is how great they are at saving their money. They often receive cold hard cash for birthdays/Christmas and instead of going out and spending it all straight away they usually put it in their wallet/purse to save until there is something they really want or need.

N is particularly good at saving so she always seems to have money in her purse - it means that when we go out to the shops and something catches her eye, she can buy it!  This is exactly what happened when we were in Asda recently, she had already seen adverts for Doh Vinci and being a crafty little miss she thought it looked fab. When she saw this on the shelf she couldn't resist buying it - she got the door decor kit for £9.97 and an extra pack of 4 colours for £3.97.
As soon as we got home she unpacked everything and got started, she is 8 years old so she could read the instructions herself but she did struggle with putting the 3D part of the star together so I helped her out with that.
The little gun was so easy to load, she just took the lid off whichever colour she wanted to use, slid it into the hole and then squeezed the handles together.  She found this part a little difficult too because she is quite a small girl with tiny hands and she said that it made her hands ache a bit.
I loved the fact that it really wasn't too messy, I was expecting to be picking up bits of Doh Vinci from everywhere but there was none of that at all and as a mum that is always a good thing, right? It also took her around an hour to complete so it's a great item to keep crafty kids occupied for a while.
She thoroughly enjoyed this activity and was so proud of the finished result. She now has it hanging in pride of place on her bedroom wall (she has a folding door so unfortunately it couldn't hang there). You can get other packs with different things to decorate in them and you can even get a colour mixer to make your own colours with!  N's birthday is not too far away so I will definitely be getting her another pack to play with.


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    1. She really enjoyed it, and it was nice to have something pretty to show for it!

      Thanks for stopping by :)


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