Sunshine and Gardening

It's wonderful to see the sun shining brightly once more!

We've taken advantage of the lovely weather by rearranging our garden so that we have separate areas for the children and dog. Previously the dog was using the whole grassed area as a giant litter tray - it was basically just a dog toilet and this meant that we could only use the path and patios. We couldn't let the children play on the grass and let's face it, there's no point in having a garden if the children can't run around freely.

Obviously the dog has to 'go' somewhere so after a trip to B&Q (OK lots of trips to B&Q because we always manage to think of something else we need once we get home) we decided to put a fence across the garden to divide it into two areas.
We put bark down for the dog litter tray area closest to the house, those of you with dogs will know how quickly grass dies when a dog 'goes' regularly in the same spot so bark was our solution for that little problem!
We moved the trampoline which had previously been right in front of our dining room window (yes I was sick of looking at a trampoline safety net every time I looked out of my window) to the children's area and put a few pots in its place to give the dog more space and mummy a better view.
Then we tidied up the raised bed ready for lots of lovely new plants and put a small fence around the edge of it to hopefully dissuade E from climbing all over it once she starts walking - don't you just love my optimism?!
We are going to re-turf the grassed area so that the children have fresh grass to play on, although they've already been having fun playing football etc in their new area I just won't be completely happy until I know it's all fresh and clean! So, with the new turf and raised bed plants it looks like there are a few more trips to B&Q in our future.
We've already benefited from the changes to our garden, we had a BBQ in the sunshine on the weekend and the children have had so much fun together playing outdoor games, even playing ball and dog training with Flint in the dog area. I think the V Family are going to have a summer of outdoor fun!
Do you have any changes planned for your garden this summer? I'd love to hear about them.