The Zone Crop Top and Shorts Review

The Zone recently revealed their new Spring 2015 collection and as soon as N saw this two-piece leotard she fell in love. Originally she was going to wait to have one as a birthday present but in the end she decided to use some of her leftover Christmas money and buy it herself right away!
The choice of which colour to get was a difficult one, she took a day or two to make up her mind but finally she chose Kingfisher which is a turquoise colour (the photo below makes it look slightly darker than it actually is). It is sold separately and cost £16.95 for the crop top and £14.95 for the shorts, delivery was free as we ordered directly from The Zone. N has mentioned that she would still like one of the other colours for her birthday so she may even end up mixing and matching the tops and bottoms!
N has already been wearing it to practice at home and at her gymnastics club - she said she likes it because it keeps her cooler and it also feels more comfortable when she's doing all the bendy things that gymnasts do. Bridge in particular is easier with this two-piece as it gives her more freedom and less restriction as she arches her back. 

As with other leotards from The Zone this washes well, it doesn't lose its shape or colour and, although I think they are supposed to be washed at 30°C, I just put it in with everything else on a 40°C wash (naughty mummy). I do, however, always hang leotards on a coat hanger to dry - I never tumble dry them or hang them over the radiator so at least I'm doing something right.

These have made a great addition to N's collection of leotards and we would both happily recommend them.

The lovely folk at The Zone very kindly sent us a hair scrunchie to match the top and shorts.  It really finishes off the look and can also be purchased from The Zone for just £3.95.  After we had ordered the top and shorts N said to me that she wished she had ordered the scrunchie too so she was super excited when it arrived!