Weight Loss Month 2

This month has not been so good for me with regards to my weight and I've actually put 1lb on. I've been exercising as much as I can but I've been very bad with food. I've eaten lots of things I shouldn't - takeaways, chocolate, crisps etc. I've pretty much slipped back to my comfort eating. There are no excuses for it but I'm not going to dwell on it, just mark it down and move on whilst trying to do my best each day.

So here are my stats for this month, still a long way to go but I'm not giving up!

                                   3lb lost. 
                                 28lb to go. 


  1. Good luck with a new regime Kate.

    I need to lose the same and keep losing some but we have biscuits and cakes in the Inclusion office (when we're having a bad day we stuff ourselves!) and put it back on again ... x

    1. Thanks Shaz and good luck to you too!

      It's difficult to stick to a diet when we're faced with temptation like that. I lost 2st before I fell pregnant and it's horrible to be back at the start again, but like you I seem to lose some then put it back on again.


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