50 Happy Things

Thank you to Stacey from Love Is Blind for the 50 Happy Things Tag. I haven't taken part in any tags before so this is all very exciting for me!
Here are 50 things that make me happy:
  1. My children
  2. My husband
  3. My dog
  4. Watching my children playing in the garden
  5. Stationery
  6. Chocolate
  7. E saying MaMa
  8. Days out with my family
  9. Tyrrells crisps
  10. Candles
  11. Waking up to a sunny morning
  12. A cold can of pepsi
  13. Getting a text from hubby when he's at work - it's always nice to know he's thinking of me
  14. Cuddling E to sleep
  15. Chinese takeaways
  16. Opening a new bodywash
  17. Watching my own programmes on TV
  18. Singing at the top of my voice in the car
  19. Dancing around the house
  20. Watching N do gymnastics
  21. When my children feel proud of themselves and it shows on their faces
  22. Reading a good book
  23. Hearing my children laugh
  24. Thinking about our holiday to Florida
  25. Going on holiday with my family
  26. A creamy latte first thing in the morning
  27. Curling up on the sofa with hubby, kids and popcorn to watch a family movie
  28. That first night in bed with clean sheets
  29. A hot shower
  30. Playing Wubble Bubble Ball with the children
  31. Family photographs
  32. Our achievement wall
  33. My Ted Baker purse which I bought in Florida
  34. Giving a very mucky E a bath to make her all sparkly and clean again
  35. Blogging
  36. My comfortable tracksuit bottoms
  37. Taking the kids to the cinema
  38. Capturing a great moment on camera
  39. Getting emails to inform me of new comments on my blog or tweets etc.
  40. Going for woodland walks
  41. Friday afternoons when hubby and the kids are all home so our weekend can begin
  42. Running to find somewhere dry to hide from the rain - this always makes me laugh!
  43. Horse riding
  44. Trying something new and enjoying it
  45. Winning a Twitter giveaway
  46. Going out for a meal
  47. Buying something for my children that they have wanted for ages
  48. Christmas
  49. Cuddles
  50. Sleeping through the night - I haven't done this for a while but I can distantly remember it felt good!
Now I'm going to tag these fab blogs:

If any of you have already taken part or do not wish to take part then please feel free to pass the tag onto someone else.

How about you V Family Fun readers? Do any of your happy things match up with mine?
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  1. Those are lovely things. Thanks very much for the tag. I will get thinking! 50 is a lot, but I'm sure I'll think of them.

    1. It's a lovely thing to do, I was smiling the whole time I was typing! Enjoy :)

  2. Ooh have you won a twitter give-away?!? I certainly haven't! What a lovely long list of great things - it's certainly brought a smile to my face!

    Thanks for linking up to #Thelist xx

    1. Yes I've won quite a few things from Twitter over the years, it's always worth pressing the RT button!

      Thank you for stopping by and also for hosting #TheList


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