Bomb Cosmetics Porcelain Peony Blaster Review

We love bath products here in the V Family household and always have a variety of bath bombs, bubble bars, soaps and even massage bars available to use whenever we feel like a bit of luxury in our bath tub!

This is the Porcelain Peony Blaster from Bomb Cosmetics, I received it in a goodie bag given to me by a family member for Christmas.
Bath Bomb
N recently decided that she wanted to use a bath bomb in her bath and she said she chose this one because she liked the flower on top. I could smell the pretty flowery fragrance through the wrapper so I was looking forward to a lovely fragrant bathroom.
Bath bomb
As soon as we dropped it in the bath the flowery scent intensified but it wasn't overpowering in any way, it actually had a very delicate fragrance and, as I had hoped, left my bathroom smelling wonderful all evening!
Bath Bomb
The fizzing was great but we were a bit disappointed that it didn't turn the water blue, we like lots of colour, sparkle and glitter in our bath bombs so although it smelled lovely we would have liked a bit more from it. 

If, however, you're like my mum and hate bath bombs with colour and lots of 'bits' in them then this will be perfect for you. The only 'bit' on the Porcelain Peony Blaster is the flower and you can remove that from the bath easily as soon as it detaches from the bath bomb itself. 
Bath Bomb
Another thing we liked about this is that it made the water feel soft but not too soft, some bath bombs make the water so soft that it feels kind of slimy and that is not something we want when we're having a luxurious bath.

Have you tried the Porcelain Peony Blaster? What did you think?