Enquiring Minds No.3

Enquiring Minds

Once again it's time for my regular feature, Enquiring Minds, a post which celebrates the wonderful workings of my children's minds. You can find all my 'Enquiring Minds' posts here.

This week the questions have been a bit more serious, I personally prefer the funny questions because then I can give a funny answer.

So here they are:
  1. What does IQ mean?
  2. What does blustery mean?
  3. What is the Grand Canyon?
  4. What does fickle mean?
  5. What's a migraine?
  6. What's an adrenaline rush?
  7. How do caterpillars get the material to make their cocoon?
  8. What does altitude mean?
The caterpillar question led to an interesting discussion about saliva and silk, only finishing when I Googled it to find out the facts. We ended up watching YouTube footage of caterpillars making their cocoons which was actually quite fascinating!

Please feel free to share your own children's questions, I'd love to hear them.