Finding Time to be a Blogger

Blogging is so much fun but how do you fit it into your everyday life?


I want to make my blog the best it can be, I want it to look good and have interesting content but I also want to be the best mummy I can be and this means being present (in both body and mind) whenever the children are home. Sometimes when I have an idea for a blog post or if I really need to get something typed up while its in my head, I worry that I'm not achieving that goal.

Back when I only had my book blog to think about, I didn't have E so I could take the kids to school and spend the whole school day in a whirlwind of housework, reading, blogging and social media. It didn't matter if I skipped lunch to get that blog post written or if I didn't put my whole self into the hoovering - I had no one to please but myself! Then I could happily spend the evening with my family, blog-free because I had spent enough time on it already.

So with a baby around 24/7 I simply had to alter my daily routine to fit around her needs, but is it really that simple? And how much time does that actually give me to blog? On top of writing posts you also need to find time for taking photographs, editing said photographs, note-making, visiting other blogs etc etc. 

Here's how I find the time...

During the day I strategically place my iPad where I can check it as I walk past, then I can reply to comments/messages as they arrive throughout the day. If I leave it on or near the sofa I end up sitting down to look at it and that's when I become too distracted (usually by Twitter). When I'm out and about I use my iPhone to keep updated with online activity, if I'm not driving I've found that long car journeys have become my friend because I can catch up with social media and visit other blogs on the go!


During a typical day I get two main periods of time when I can enjoy some guilt-free blogging...

Firstly when E has her mid-morning sleep, this can last anywhere between one and three hours so I have to get on with it or risk having a really creative moment interrupted by E waking up! The thing is I also use that time to sort out more washing (a family of five produce a lot of washing), do a quick tidy up and generally catch up with household paperwork or letters from school (mostly requests for money for some reason or another but that's another blog post altogether). So even though I can blog peacefully I don't always achieve much during this time because I have other things to do as well.

Secondly is bedtime, that glorious moment when E goes to sleep at the end of the day and the older children have been fed, watered and are happily doing their own thing in their rooms. This is my favourite time to blog but it isn't without its own distractions. Blogchats on Twitter are a prime example, if I happen to come across one during my 'quick social media browse' then I just can't help but be sucked in by it and boom that's another hour lost! I also like to squeeze some reading in during the evening and often I'm so tired by the end of the day that my eyes just won't stay open.

I have tried blogging while E is awake but it simply doesn't work and with the children being home on Easter holidays even my daytime blogging is more difficult. But, saying that, having the children home can also be a good thing because this is a family blog and I can involve them with ideas, photography, and even what to include in certain posts. They seem to enjoy this, especially when they get the privilege of trying out a really cool toy for the blog!

I admit it can be tricky to find the right balance between running a successful blog and spending enough time in the 'real world' but as long as you get that balance right I truly think blogging can enhance your family life.

What do you think? How do you find time to be a blogger?

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  1. It's my main concern about blogging but I just try to write at least once a week and do a bit of social media and reading and commenting each evening. Work and commuting takes Monday to Thursday and I'm on babyduty Tuesday and Wednesday evening so blogging can fall to the bottom of my to do list! I fret that I will never be able to "compete" with people who can find moments in their day to blog or take photos for their Instagram. Friday is my day with Baby B until work ask for it back! So for now I try to scribble when he naps. And I remind myself I'm doing this because I enjoy it. Not as another chore to tick off. We all probably need to give ourselves a break now and then. The world won't end if we don't post! Great blog by the way :)

    1. Nap times are so useful aren't they! I like your point about blogging because you enjoy it, that is the most important part for me. I love blogging, after having E I stopped for a while and I really missed it. It's important to do what is right for you and your family, there's no point running a family blog if you spend no time with them!

      I find it interesting to read about other bloggers routines so thank you for stopping by and sharing yours :)

  2. I used to blog in the evenings after work and during the weekends Kate but it was getting too much (and I almost gave up - but this was when I was coordinating the tours too).

    Now, during term time I limit my blogging time to the weekends in the afternoons and prepare my book blog posts ready for the week ahead. Luckily for me, during the school holidays I prep as far ahead as I can so that all the posts are scheduled. I think I will probably only prep posts on the new blog at weekends as well ...

    Still have next week off but I need to get 5 reviews written - that's another thing with the school holidays - there's more time for reading so more reviews need to get written :)

    As you know my boys are grown up and eldest at Uni so I don't have to organise activities for them now. I also have fun during the holidays though with friends and family.

    I'm much more laid back about the blog now. I think I might even have a blog break at the end of May and not post (and yes, I've said that before but it hasn't happened hahaha).

    Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Haha good luck with your blogging break, it's difficult to stop once you've started isn't it but sometimes it's better to take a break than try to keep going and end up quitting completely!

      I definitely think organisation is key, scheduling posts ahead of time is so important to keep things running smoothly. I actually think this is a big part of my attraction to blogging because I love organising, having a plan or routine makes me feel secure!

      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your blogging routine Shaz :)

  3. Yup blogging with kiddies around - not ideal - leads to all sorts of spelling errors for me! #brillblogposts

    1. Haha I still manage to get spelling mistakes when she's asleep!

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. I work full time and as of yet have no children. We have been trying for 18 months and unfortunately are not blessed so far. I do struggle to fit blogging in with work but I love a challenge. I am in awe of all blogging mummy's finding the time to blog as well as running a household. #brilliantblogposts

    1. And I'm in awe of those of you who work full time and still manage to blog, I just can't figure out how you fit it in!

      I hope your blessing comes soon :)

  5. I used to blog when my toddler was napping and then once he was in bed but he rarely naps now - eek! And it's impossible to get anything done in the daytime with a toddler around as you're at their beck and call all day! So now evenings are my blog time ...but theres never enough hours in the day!x

    1. Oh I completely understand where you're coming from. E's nap has shortened so it's evenings for me too now! Wouldn't it be great to have a few extra hours :)

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment x


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