Mummy V's Writing Journey No.1

They say everyone has a story to tell...


Back in 2013 I started writing my own chick-lit type book, I had made a fairly good start getting to around 11,000 words but then I fell pregnant unexpectedly and the book (along with many other things) got pushed to one side and forgotten about.

This weekend, whilst sorting through some things, I found my story again and as I read through it I actually couldn't believe how good it was! Obviously it wasn't completed though and as I got to the end of what I had written I found that I really wanted to know more. I've read a lot of books and this is always a good feeling to have, it indicates a good read in my opinion. 

I want to share a snippet from one of my favourite scenes, June is a 70 year old woman with a bit of an attitude:

"'I’m June, I live next door to these two’ she points at Cathy and John ‘And they dragged me to this book club with them because they thought I needed to get out more.  They don’t think that I might be happy to sit in my chair listening to the wireless and watching the TV box. There is always something to watch you know, I don’t get bored.  Every channel has someone with no clothes on, they’re always naked, most people would be offended but I think it’s all very natural. I used to visit nudist camps you know, very liberating to let yourself hang free’. 

She turns to Cathy and says ‘Maybe we could go to a nudist camp for our trip this year Cathy, the lovelies could do with an airing’ she grabs her chest and Andy starts to choke on his drink while the rest of us sit with our mouths agape."

I would really like to try to finish my story and polish it up/edit it so I can see where it goes, although time-wise it might be difficult as I have a lot going on in my life already. But I will definitely keep V Family Fun updated with my progress so I have a reminder of the journey. I'd love you to join me!

Do you have a story to tell? 


  1. That writing bug ;)

    You're further ahead than me Kate. 2 years ago after a writing workshop I have 3k words ...

    Great excerpt. Looking forward to seeing how you progress.

    1. Was the writing workshop really two years ago? Wow I remember when you did that!

      Thank you for your support Shaz x


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