Rock Reef, Bournemouth

This weekend we took the kids to Rock Reef in Bournemouth. Situated at the end of the pier it contains some fab climbing walls and other thrill-seeker activities including Clip 'N' Climb, Pier Zip, The Pier Cave and High Line.
As part of T's birthday treat we booked the Pier Zip for T (a giant zipline running from the end of the pier to the beach, costing £15 + 75p booking fee) and the Pier Cave for both T and N (a man-made cave inside the building, costing £8 each). It is really simple to book online and you can even sign the waiver before you arrive to help beat the queues. Unfortunately on the day T was due to zip down the line there were very high winds. This meant that they had to close the Pier Zip for safety reasons and we had to rearrange this part of the visit. They rang in advance to let us know and said we could reschedule when we went in for the Pier Cave. On the day itself it was clear that the weather wasn't suitable to take part in such an activity.
With it being so windy the walk along the pier was also entertaining - the kids were quite amused by the battle just to walk as the wind pushed us sideways. They were still giggling when we arrived, somewhat windswept, at the Rock Reef reception area.
T and N were given wristbands for the Pier Cave and seeing as we were early (the V Family are always early) we went upstairs to the cafe. There was a bit of a struggle with the pushchair as they didn't have any lifts, so instead we had to carry it up the stairs! Once in the cafe we could see all that Rock Reef had to offer and I must say it was quite impressive.
When it was T and N's time, the instructors gave a quick safety briefing and put hard hats and head torches on everyone who was about to enter the cave. Then the adventurers crawled into a tiny hole to begin their caving experience. I admit that I was worried that N wouldn't like the dark, small spaces but afterwards she told me she loved every minute! The cave itself had been built underneath the cafe and there was a viewing area where we could see part of the cave. Every time I went to look though, there was no one there so I didn't get to see them and I got told off by N for not standing there the whole time. They spent about 30 minutes in the cave, the instructor was in there too and started a game of hide and seek which both of mine enjoyed. T said that the hard hat he was wearing was very much needed because some of the tunnels were quite small and he bumped his head a lot.
Afterwards we said the kids could have a souvenir from the little shop area and they both picked a Rock Reef water bottle which cost £9.99 each! In my opinion they were completely overpriced and normally I wouldn't pay that much for something like that, but seeing as it was a birthday treat we let them have them (while silently crying into the now empty wallet).
Overall it was a great experience for T and N, they had a brilliant time and are desperate to go back, N has already been planning which activities she wants to do for her upcoming birthday!


Today we went back to Rock Reef so that T could do his Pier Zip. I felt so nervous on the way there, I wasn't looking forward to seeing my baby (he may be 12 but will always be my baby) do such a large zip line. T on the other hand was as calm as a cucumber!

It all happened very quickly - I stood on the beach to wait for him while hubby went to the end of the pier to see him off. I soon got the call from hubby to say T was on his way up the tower and that he was first in line so I quickly got my camera ready. Just as I did that I could see the first person about to jump off the edge so I started snapping away in the hope I might get an okay photo. This was the best one I got on the way down...
Rock Reef
Hubby, who was using his camera phone from the pier, had a much better view...
T absolutely loved it, he was buzzing when he came off the line and said he would definitely do it again!

Have you been to Rock Reef? What did you think?


  1. The #Pierzip is a fantastic experience, really gets your adrenaline pumping, your son will love it! Check out what it looks like going down it on our video at

    1. It looks amazing although not really my kind of thing haha. My son however loves zip lining so I'm sure it'll be a brilliant experience for him!

      Thank you for leaving a comment :)

  2. That looks fantastic! Zip lining is one of lifes greatest thrills.

    1. My son seems to think so! He has zip lined across lakes and rivers before but the sea is a new one for him, he can't wait.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting :)

  3. You were 10 minutes from my home Kate :) I watched them build the #Pierzip. Not that I would go on it ...

    Great that they both enjoyed their experience.

    1. I can't believe I was so close to where you live!! The #Pierzip looks so impressive but like you, I don't think I'd go on it. T would have loved watching it being built!

      Thank you for stopping by :)


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