V Family Top 5 Soft Drinks

All families have their favourite things and the V Family are no different, so over the coming weeks I'm going to share some of our top 5 lists with you.

To get the following results everyone (except E of course) sat down and wrote our favourites on a piece of paper, then we allocated points according to position in the top 5 and added them up to find our winners.
V Family Top 5
This week I'm sharing our favourite soft drinks...
  1. Pepsi
  2. j2o
  3. Dr Pepper
  4. Coca Cola
  5. Tango
N doesn't actually drink fizzy so her choices were a bit outnumbered by those of us who do. So Pepsi was the most popular in our household - I just love an ice cold Pepsi on a hot day, you can't beat it. But it has to be real Pepsi, not diet, or it doesn't have the same effect. N's favourite is j2o and I have to admit that I am quite a fan of those too, I love their fruitiness and the glittery one they did at Christmas was fab!

What is your favourite soft drink?


  1. Fizzy drinks in our house should be only as a treat (it's the teeth - and both boys have inherited my DNA by the looks of it) but ... as you say, on a hot day there are only a few drinks that will hit the spot!

    Loving your series Kate.

    1. Thank you Shaz, that's lovely to hear!

      I agree, fizzy drinks are definitely a treat - we don't have them often and I think that's why they scored so well in our top 5, because we were all daydreaming about our naughty favourites :D


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