Weight Loss Month 3

It's time for an update on my journey of losing weight.
Once again this month has not been good for me with food, I'm not making excuses because I'm the one who puts the food in my mouth, but Easter really didn't help and we've been busy organising a christening and a holiday so we've been reaching for the takeaway menus far too often!

It has helped me come to a decision though, I am going to try a diet plan of some kind to help give me a boost. The diet plans I am considering are:
I did the Slim Fast plan to lose weight for my wedding 15 years ago and it really worked for me but I also like the sound of Diet Chef, the idea of having everything I need sent to me without any calorie counting required is music to my ears.

I also lost 2 stone with the My Fitness Pal App before I went to Florida, but back then I had a lot more time on my hands to be able to calorie count (I didn't have a little one to look after during the day).

Hopefully in my next weight loss post I will have come to a decision and started my new plan. In the meantime here are my stats for this month:
3lb lost.
28lb to go.


  1. Well done for the 3lbs Kate.

    You haven't mentioned the 5:2 diet which might suit you better? I know three people who have done really well eating this way.


    Good luck with whatever system you choose.

    1. Thanks Shaz, I hadn't heard of that diet to be honest but it sounds interesting! Finding something that works is so difficult and while I've had success with some diet plans in the past they're not always right for my life as it is now.

  2. You have to be realistic don't you Kate?

    Good luck x

    1. You do, a lot of diet plans sound easy but when you try them they just don't fit with your lifestyle!

      Thanks again :)

  3. 3 pounds is better than a punch in the crotch over Easter time, don't beat yourself up. I put on 3 stones at Uni and was horrid at these diet plans, it's not easy. The only way I found to work was to only eat meat, eggs, fruit and veg with treats of dark chocolate occasionally and bread sticks with light Philadelphia. That way I could stuff myself but only with the good stuff. I have bread, pasta etc when I'm out and about now but not so often at home. My biggest temptation is cheese. Mmmmm cheeese! And pizza...and cake... Sorry I think I might have gone off topic. Good luck with it! Stay positive!

    1. Haha that seems to be the story of my weight loss journey - I start off ok then end up going completely off topic ;).

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting!


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