Bizzybee Elegance Gloves and Multipurpose Cloths Review

I love Twitter giveaways and I've been quite lucky over the years, it's always worth clicking on that RT button because if you're not in it, you can't win it!  Recently I was lucky enough to win this fantastic goody bag from Bizzybee...


The first item I tried out was the Elegance Gloves which have been designed to add a touch of style to your washing up experience. Alongside the gloves I also used one of the super-spotty, extra absorbent multipurpose cloths. I think they look good together.


The gloves are a medium size and felt comfortable to wear, they are deliberately more fitted to give a stylish look. The cuff is shaped and the grip is made up of cute heart patterns all of which add to the overall feminine effect.

During use they felt nice and thick which meant I could have the water really hot and give the washing up a great clean. I suffer from dry skin on my hands so these are just the thing to help protect them and if you have sensitive skin there is no need to worry because they're unlined.


Obviously the multipurpose cloths can be used for more than just washing up but I decided to use this one in the sink because it looked strong and I do love a strong washing up cloth!


The first thing I noticed was how absorbent it was, it really did suck up the water quickly. But, for me, the best thing about these cloths is that they are machine washable so once you've bought one pack they should last for ages.

Washing up isn't the most fun or glamorous job in the world, but with funky accessories like these at least it can be a bit more interesting.

Do you love cleaning products or have you won anything from a Twitter giveaway? As always, I'd love to hear from you.