Facetheory Personal Skincare Routine Review

I discovered Facetheory on Twitter (@Facetheory), their skincare range is different because you fill out a questionnaire on their website and they find the perfect skincare routine for you. At the time I found them they were offering free sample packs (now priced at just £3) so I jumped at the chance and completed the questionnaire, this is what I received...


The instructions I received with the samples advised me to test each product before first use so I put a small amount of each on my face and when I was satisfied that they caused no irritation I went ahead and tried them properly.

The cleanser was easy to smooth on and had a creamy feeling as I applied it to my face. The only negative about this product for me was that it didn't lather, I tried all my usual lathering tricks but it just didn't happen. After I washed it off and dried my face it felt nicely cleansed and ready for some toner.

Facetheory Cleanser

I poured the toner on to a cotton pad and wiped it around my face, as with other toners it had quite a strong scent that made my eyes water a bit but as it soaked in, my face felt refreshed and clean.

The final part of the routine is always my favourite part, my skin usually feels quite tight after cleansing and toning so as soon as the moisturiser smooths on I can feel it softening. It was just the same with this product, it soaked into my skin quickly and easily and didn't feel greasy at all. Instead it left my skin with a lovely matte effect and a delicate scent.

Facetheory Moisturiser

The next morning my face felt so soft and smooth, I think with continued use it really would make a difference to my skin.

Have you tried Facetheory? What did you think?


  1. I've tried sample of their night cream and it's great! Will be definitely ordering the full size, such a great company :)

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. It's nice to be able to try a sample size so you know if it will suit you before spending lots of money!

      Thank you for stopping by :)

  2. Okay I have to try this out - Sounds amaze!  Kiley McDonnell


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