Get The Kids Painting

Today I'd like to share a simple creative activity for the children to do as long as you're not too house-proud... let them paint stuff!

It all started about 3 years ago during one of the school holidays when T and N were looking for something a bit different to do. Hubby had just put a gate up at the side of our house to keep the dog out so we gave them some old t-shirts, paint brushes and some paint and let them go to work painting the gate. I remember them giggling as they were getting lots of paint on themselves and they couldn't quite believe that they were actually allowed to paint an actual gate.

This is how it looks after 3 years of rain and grime but the kids still proudly say "we painted that".

Painted Gate

Since then we've let them loose on various bits of furniture which we no longer own so unfortunately I can't share photos of those masterpieces. I can, however, share N's latest piece of artwork.

This is a wooden toy box we've had for years, recently N came to me and asked if she could paint it. I was happy for her to paint the ugly old box in any way she wanted and here is what she came up with.

Painted toy box

It took her quite a while to do because we couldn't find any large paint brushes so she was left using a small one (I promise I didn't hide the big brushes just to keep her quiet for longer). She used Crayola washable paint so I wasn't sure how well it would show up but I think it ended up looking great! 

She really enjoyed painting it (she loves anything creative) and once again she's really proud of the result. I have to admit that it makes me smile every time I walk past it, it's so bright and cheerful that I've asked her to paint the other toy box which is exactly the same.

So if you have any furniture that you're not too fond of, a pot or two of paint and a child who loves being creative then give it a go - it just might surprise you how much you like the finished product.


  1. Ah, what a great job and look how careful she was to keep the colours separate - that demonstrates care and attention. She'll probably end up being an interior designer ha! ha! This is exactly what shabby chic is all about and I love the furniture I have 'chic'd' more than shop-bought items. It's a great way to develop children's skills and it's all about the pride of doing something themselves. Once they realise that they can make/paint/create something their little minds go off in all directions. Leearning a lot while they have fun - great job!

    1. Shabby chic! They're the words I was looking for when I was trying to explain it to hubby.

      You're absolutely right about the pride of doing something themselves, I love hearing them excitedly tell other people about what they've done, you can see the pride on their faces. T has now moved on to Warhammer and it's just the same kind of pride when he shows us all the models he's created.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts Linn, I will tell N your interior designer suggestion - she'll love that! x

  2. That's how I started my interest in painting stuff, then making things with fabric and eventually my hobby (later in life) became a career! A piece of fabric and a sewing machine and imagination - from doll's dresses, to little bags to keep things in. As they get older the ideas are endless. Tell N I love her style and the pride in her work shows in the way she did such a careful job!

  3. Could you send her over here Kate to paint my bathroom tidy and cabinet? Such good timing because Pete and I were talking about re-vamping them by painting them :)

    Great job x

    1. Will you be going for the rainbow look, according to N it's all the rage this year :)

      Thanks for stopping by x

    2. Actually ...

      Seriously, I'm quite into shades of blue so probably have a go and see what happens ...

    3. I like blues too, very calming! The good thing is if you don't like it you can just paint over it :)


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