Happy 1st Birthday!

This week it's E's 1st Birthday!! Wow, this year has been the fastest ever, I feel like my feet haven't quite touched the ground since I gave birth to her and now she's already 1.

She is moving forward so much quicker than my older children, probably because she wants to keep up with them. Her personality is shining through, she loves to make people laugh and dancing is one of her favourite things to do. It's been a brilliant year!

Happy 1st Birthday E 



  1. A Year? REALLY!!!!

    Happy Birthday E x x

    1. Yes! It's scary how quickly the past year has gone. We've had SO many changes in our life since she arrived, some good and some not so good and I think this is why it's gone so fast for us - we've been riding the wave!

      Thank you for your birthday wishes Shaz x


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