Inside my Handbag

Since I had E I haven't technically used a handbag because I keep all my things in the front part of her changing bag. This just means that I don't have to take two bags with me whenever we go out.

So here is our shared bag and its contents...
Inside my Handbag
Dettol Antibacterial Wipes - these are for the times I feel that something isn't quite clean enough for E or even the older children. I mostly use them when we're eating out to clean the highchair/table to my standards.

Pampers Babywipes - this is an obvious one, used for changing E's nappy and sometimes hands and faces too!

A Mini Hairbrush - always useful for those bad hair days or when it's super windy outside and I end up looking like a wild woman.

Pampers Pull-Ups - another obvious item, used for nappy changes on the go.

Cuddly Toys - these are a must when travelling with E, especially the bunny because she will only go to sleep if she's cuddling it.

Tissue Pouch - as a mum, tissues are a hugely important thing to have in your bag and mine are in a pretty little cloth pouch which I bought from Folksy.

Antibacterial Hand Gel - another really important handbag item. You can pick up germs from all sorts of places but with a quick squirt of this gel I can relax knowing that our hands are clean.

Tampon - it's always good to have one of these in your bag for emergencies. Just try not to store it in the same place as your pen or you'll end up doing what I did and pulling it out in the bank thinking its the pen!!

Notepad and Pen - you never know when you're going to need to jot something down and I know most phones have a notes app but sometimes I just want to write on an actual piece of paper with a pen.

Nivea Hand Cream - I suffer with dry skin on my hands so a small tube of hand cream is essential to help my hands stay moisturised whilst out and about.

Radley Mirror - a mirror is definitely a handbag must-have so you can make sure you look your best at all times. I was lucky enough to win this fab little mirror at the local school fete!

Nivea Cream - sometimes my face can get quite dry and uncomfortable so I keep this little pot of cream in my bag to add a quick hit of moisture to my skin.

Ted Baker Purse - this is my absolute favourite item in my bag. I bought this during our trip to Florida, it was a bit of an extravagant purchase for me but worth it because I love it so much! 

What are your essential handbag items? As always I'd love to hear from you.


  1. Hate handbags Kate. I have over the body bags for school (small ones!) that hold my phone, car/work keys and credit card.

    When we're out and about walking at weekends we take a rucksack - water for the dog, flask, sometimes my book/Kindle (depending on the distance), waterproofs and my mobile. Pete doesn't actually put anything in it for him but he's the one who carries it hahaha

    Going out for an evening I give my cash to my mate and carry my mobile.

    Simple life :)

    I do remember those days of a changing bag and having to take all the paraphernalia and the contents were very similar to yours (apart from a hairbrush and mirror).

    Guess I like to travel light these days.x

    1. Haha I love that you make Pete carry the bag when there's nothing in it for him! I look forward to the days when I can travel lighter, just keys, cash and mobile, perfect :)

      Thank you for sharing x


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