Isn't it Just Typical When...

We've all had those moments where we think to ourselves 'well isn't that just typical' and I want to share a few of mine with you.
  • You wear a coat every day 'just in case' and end up sweating rivers because its too hot but when you finally decide to leave the coat at home it pours down with rain.
  • You just sit down on the toilet and the doorbell goes. I swear the postman waits for that special sit-down moment!
  • You take the plunge and start a diet, then all of a sudden you're hit with a barrage of texts, tweets, TV adverts and even billboards that are all advertising your favourite naughty foods. 
  • You close your eyes to go to sleep and that is the exact moment your baby decides to wake up screaming. Sometimes I wonder if I kept my eyes open all night, would she stay asleep?
  • You finally find the perfect top to go with your new skirt/trousers but they don't have your size so do you a) go bigger and risk it hanging off your shoulder the whole time you're wearing it or b) go smaller and show off all you've got (including the unsightly muffin top).
  • You're trying to find somewhere to park the car and a space opens up just as you're driving off to look round the car park again. By the time you've managed to get back to the space someone else has nabbed it!
  • You spend ages getting little one changed into her new outfit (which doesn't have poppers in the nappy area by the way) just for her to poop as soon as you've finished.
  • The phone or doorbell rings just as you've gotten little one to sleep. To make matters worse she had been fighting sleep for a good couple of hours before she finally gave in and now she'll be a grumpy little monster until bedtime.

When was the last time you said 'isn't that just typical'?


  1. Yes these are so typical lol. I totally agree. I'm always upstairs when the Postman comes and then my hubby had to drive into town to get our mail! Arrghh! Angela x

    Angela recently posted "10 reasons to visit the Blackpool Tower Eye"

    1. Oh yes I'm familiar with missing parcels too, just yesterday I was in all day, popped out for half an hour in the afternoon and missed two parcels!! Isn't it just typical!

      Thank you for stopping by :)


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