My Stationery Stash

As some of you may already know, I'm a bit of a stationery addict. I love nothing more than going into WH Smith or other stationery shops and having a browse through their notebooks and pens. Over the past 18 months browsing is about all I've done purely because I had such a large stash, I needed to use some of it up before I bought any more! I don't just collect them though, I do actually use them so I suppose it's a useful addiction to have.

Sticky notes and note pads are my real weakness, probably because I'm always writing notes to remind myself to do things. I have a few left from our trip to Florida, the Disney and SeaWorld ones were a must-buy.

Sticky notes and note pads

I have a lovely rainbow collection of Sharpies and a couple of other permanent markers. I also picked up this really fun highlighter on a family trip to Intech in Winchester, although I believe it's now called the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium (a great day out if you're ever in the area).

Sharpies and highlighter pen

I only have a few cute notebooks left and a pot full of pens, most of which have been purchased from the many days out we've had - I will always leave a gift shop with a souvenir pen (can you spot the ones from Florida?). I would also like to point out that T handcrafted the wooden pot they're in, he was very proud of it at the time and it's been very useful for me because it holds lots of pens.

Notebooks and pens

I can't write this post without mentioning the latest addition to my collection - I got this giant clip when buying a giant balloon for E's birthday from Clintons. Instead of attaching one of the usual little plastic weights they attached this. It was just what I had been looking for to hold all of my appointment/school letters together since my old clip had broken, perfect timing!


So now my stationery stash is dwindling I'm thinking of getting some new goodies and seeing as it has been so long since my last spree I think it will take some serious consideration. Look out for my stationery wish list post, coming soon.

Are you a stationery addict? What is your favourite type of stationery?


  1. I'm such a huge stationary fan! Have all my special felt tips and a drawer of items. Could not live without them!
    Angela x

    Angela recently posted "Confessions of a Despicable Me Fan"

    1. Until I started blogging/tweeting I never knew there were so many other stationery lovers, it's a popular obsession!

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Ah the exquisite joy of all things stationery Kate.

    I do use the stationery that I buy too Kate. I also buy my team at work stationery gifts (recently some gorgeous sticky notes from The Works).

    Do you remember my Stationery feature on JJ in 2013? You might find some inspiration for your new purchases ...

    1. Yes! I had forgotten but remember now, I'll definitely take a look. I love The Works but haven't visited for a while because I'm too tempted by all the books and stationery - I'm clearly a weak-willed person lol.

      Thank you for stopping by Shaz x

    2. I buy from The Works online now. There's always a deal on :) And always quite a bit in the basket hahaha The packaging is pretty good too Kate.

      Happy buying :D x

    3. Great idea - I love shopping in my PJs! I think you're going to get me in trouble Shaz ;) x


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