Tangle Angel Detangling Brush Review

As I've mentioned before, I enjoy entering Twitter giveaways. It's so easy to just press the RT button and enter a fab competition! Even if I don't win (and most of the time I don't) I've found some fantastic products that I wouldn't have known about before.

Recently I won an amazing set of hairbrushes from Tangle Angel (@TangleAngel on Twitter). I absolutely fell in love with the gorgeous angel designs, they make the brushes look so girly and pretty. The Pet Angel brush with its paw print back also looks amazing and I can't wait to try it out on Flint (review to follow).
Tangle Angel
This couldn't have been a better prize for us because we were going through a stage of buying so many different hairbrushes for N in our quest to find one that is suitable for her. Hair brushing had become a really difficult thing to do as she always gets lots of knots when her hair is both wet and dry. Even when we used detangling spray/serums and other specially designed detangling brushes it still managed to hurt her.

The first brush we're reviewing from our prize is the Tangle Angel, N was drawn to it because of the purple bristles (purple is one of her favourite colours) and it also fits in her hand perfectly so I think this particular brush was always going to belong to her!
Tangle Angel
This brush has changed N's hair brushing experience completely, it doesn't hurt her at all and gets the knots out easily when her hair is both wet and dry! She raves about this brush to anyone who will listen, she's amazed by how easy it is to brush her hair and, like me, she absolutely loves the angel design. Her words were: "I love the angel wings, they make the brush look so graceful".
Tangle Angel
The Tangle Angel has antibacterial additives embedded in the plastic which makes it ultra hygienic and safe to use. For me this is a great thing because hygiene is very important to me when it comes to my children.
Tangle Angel
Something else that was an issue for N (and me as well) was static hair, this brush solves that problem too because it has anti static properties to prevent that annoying flyaway hair and instead leave it feeling smooth and silky.
Tangle Angel
The angel wings aren't just about looking pretty, they also have a useful function - if you hold the brush around the wings instead of the handle you get even greater control and feel.
Tangle Angel
The Tangle Angel looks beautiful standing on N's desk, it really stands out and she loves showing it off. The contoured base retains full bristle height with no reduction in performance once the hair is detangled so you know your hair is getting a good brush every time.
Tangle Angel
Hair brushing is no longer a traumatic event thanks to this fantastic brush, it really is a Tangle Angel!
Tangle Angel
The boys in our household were a bit put out though, they said they would love a brush like this too but thought the angel design was too girly - they suggested a devil brush. Whatever the design, we do think a male version is a great idea because men need good hairbrushes too!
Tangle Angel
Do you have the same kind of hair issues as N and I? Have you tried a Tangle Angel? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Hair brushes ... so hard to find one that does everything you want it to!

    Hands up Kate, my brushes are OLD and that's because they do the job I want them to (I have one for wet hair, a smaller one and a big round one for styling).

    Tangle Angel sounds fab (and I love angels but would buy a devil too!).

    Great review.

    1. When you find one (or three) that work you just have to stick to them don't you!

      Thanks for commenting x


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