The Morning School Run

I am not a morning person so for me the morning school run is probably the most difficult part of the day.

After a quick coffee I somehow manage to...
  • Iron, OK, tumble dry the kids school clothes. 
  • Get their lunches and water bottles ready. 
  • Give them all breakfast.
  • Feed the dog.
  • Get E dressed while chasing up the other two to get dressed. 
  • Braid N's hair into a french plait or whatever style she fancies for that day. 
  • Make sure they both have money/homework/PE clothes etc.
  • Put a load of washing in and fold the dry clothes.
  • Run round quickly with the hoover. 
  • Get myself ready.

All this before the school run even starts and did I mention I'm really not a morning person? I'd like to say I do it all with a smile on my face like Mary Poppins but at that time of day its more like a grizzly bear snarl I'm afraid.

At 8:15am(ish) when everyone is presentable and has all their equipment we pile into the car for the first part of the school run - driving T to school. I actually quite enjoy this drive because it gives me a chance to cool down and calm down. 

Once T's been safely dropped at the school gate we make our way back to our house, yes you read that right, our house! N's school takes part in an initiative where the children receive a pin badge once a month if they walk to school at least once a week. N being N wants to walk as many days as possible because she always loves to go beyond expectations and I'm proud of her for that, I really am, which is why I make the extra effort to walk her to school most days. But I do wish it wasn't in the mornings because this just means that (in my grizzly bear state) we have to go home, get E in her pushchair or SmarTrike and then walk N to school.

Smart Trike

When I return from dropping N off at school I breathe a sigh of relief, make myself a cuppa and spend some time playing with E while I gradually return to my human self. 

By the time the afternoon school run comes round I'm far happier and skip to the school smiling like Mary Poppins (not really but I'm definitely more smiley than I am in the morning)!

Are you a morning person? Do you enjoy the morning school run?


  1. LOVE the new template Kate.

    I'm with you - mornings are not my best time. I don't even speak really until almost 2 hours after I've been awake. After staff briefing at 8.30am is when I start to feel human.

    Very rarely is Alfie awake when I leave but if he is, he talks non-stop and I have my head in my hands :)

    You are such a fabulous mum x x

    1. Aww thank you Shaz, that's a lovely thing to hear!

      It's so difficult when you need to be up and out early, I can imagine it's a challenge when you have a talker around in the morning lol.

      I'm so pleased with the new template, I can't quite believe I managed to get it all done by myself - I must be learning more than I thought!

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind comment Shaz, it's always appreciated x


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