The V Family House Cup

We've tried many different reward systems for the children over the years. A couple of years ago I bought this fab looking trophy from eBay for about £6 to assist in the new reward system I was about to implement.

V Family House Cup

The idea was that T and N would get house points for good behaviour or achievements either at home or school. Then at the end of the week we would add them up and whoever got the most points, got the house cup in their possession, to put wherever they wanted for the whole of the following week.

It worked well for about a month and a half but then (like all the other reward systems we'd tried) they got bored and stopped trying. 

They still liked the idea of the trophy though so from then on we used it to celebrate their achievements - when they got good reports at parents evening they'd get the house cup for a week, when they were particularly helpful at home they'd get it for another week and so on. This took the competitive edge off and made the whole thing more enjoyable.

Then along came the V Family Limerick Competition and it's become all competitive again (do you ever wish you hadn't started something?). The winner will get possession of it for a whole month and this time mummy and daddy are competing too.

So now you know the story behind the V Family House Cup and why it means a lot to receive it. If you haven't already voted for your favourite limerick we'd love it if you could pop over and do so, you'd be making one V Family member very happy!

Do you use reward systems? Or do you celebrate achievements in a different way? I'd love to hear from you.


  1. Reward systems seem to always work for a short time at home and then interest is lost. We didn't use them for the boys when they were younger but did celebrate their achievements in primary (and secondary but it wasn't quite the same).

    School rewards seem to work for the majority of children (attachment disorder springs to mind for not working) when the children are competing with their peers and 'houses.' And of course the majority want to please at school!

    Interested in hearing how your VFM readers respond.

    1. Exactly, that was why we tried the house points system because that's what they used at school and both were really into it! I definitely think celebrating achievements as they happen is the way to go.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts Shaz x

  2. We have tried many different reward systems. But none seem to work.
    I'm assuming its because of age differences and the fact that one child has special needs and doesn't grasp the concept too well.
    A cup may be the way to go. As for each child to Win can be tailored to their ability.

    1. If they have their own goals it also takes the competitiveness out of the equation! Not that I'm against competition, I think it's important that children learn to lose sometimes, but for your own sanity it's easier to keep things separate :)

      Thank you for commenting!


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