The V Family Limerick Competition

Recently T's homework was to write some limericks and it set the whole V Family off into a frenzy of rhyming words and phrases.

He completed his homework but the limericks just kept on coming, this created a lot of laughter in our household as we came up with the funny rhymes. We got to the point where each of us thought we were the best limerick writer in the family and we couldn't agree on a favourite because we all favoured our own. So for a bit of extra fun we thought we'd ask V Family Fun readers to decide for us!

The following limericks were made up by one of the V Family (excluding E of course):

I have an aunt called Clare
Who is currently running for mayor 
She's really devoted 
To being promoted 
And her policies are incredibly fair

There once was a rabbit named Kate
Who went home a little bit late
She met with a farmer 
Who wanted to harm 'er
And put her on his plate

There was a man from Waterloo
Who dreamt he needed a poo
He woke with a start 
As he began to fart
And then he followed through

There was a man called Norman
Who wanted to become a Mormon
They said he was a buffoon
Had more chance of flying to the moon
So he decided to become a doorman

So now its over to you. If you would kindly choose your favourite by clicking on the voting form at the bottom of this page we will finally find our winner. Voting closes at 11am on Saturday 30 May.

The winner will get to have our house cup in their possession for the next month and will be able to officially say they are the best V Family limerick writer (what an honour)!

The V Family House Cup

I will reveal the winner and also the writer of each limerick in an upcoming blog post.

Which limerick is your favourite?


  1. Great idea :) Sounds like you had hours of fun Kate x

    1. We really did, we had lots of laughs particularly at the limericks which didn't quite work :D

      Thank you Shaz x

  2. I remember making up Limericks at school. Any with poo or fart in them were winners back then.

    No. 3 gets my vote.

    Though they are all great.

    1. Hahaha limericks involving poo etc always seem to get the most laughs!

      Thank you for stopping by and voting :)

  3. Great idea :) my hubby would have gone for 3, I went for 1 :) xx

    1. Haha number 3 is popular with males. Thank you so much for stopping by and voting x


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