Tsum Tsum Mania

If you haven't heard of Tsum Tsums then where on earth have you been?! 

Clintons Cards were hyping them up on Twitter before they arrived in the shops and I thought they looked cute but didn't really think about them again until I went into our local shop. They had a big display with all the different characters and sizes on show and I have to admit that I could see the attraction so I bought a tiny one for E which cost £3. My mum went on to buy the children a couple of different characters the week after so then we had 3.
Tsum Tsums
Cute aren't they!

Not long afterwards it was T's birthday and he asked for a tiny Mickey Mouse Tsum Tsum so off I went to Clintons only to discover they had no tiny ones left!

The medium size was £15 and I really didn't want to spend that much but I also didn't want to disappoint T as he had only put a few things on his birthday list and this was one of them. So I spent the extra money, T got his Tsum Tsum and all was right with the world.
Tsum Tsums
That was until I noticed that N had put a Donald Duck Tsum Tsum (any size) on her birthday list. I thought I'd be clever about it and start looking straight away because I had a feeling I might have difficulties getting one. Ha! Difficult doesn't even cover it, I went to every Clintons in the area (and beyond) but none of them had one. One had even removed the display and just had a few stragglers in a basket which were obviously not Donald Duck - that would just be too easy wouldn't it.

Now I know what you're thinking, why didn't I just look online? The answer to that one is because my frazzled little 'mummy brain' just didn't think of it! Until at last, the night before N's birthday, it suddenly came to me and I was able to order one from the Disney Store online. They even sell more than just the traditional Disney characters, they have The Little Mermaid and even Frozen Tsum Tsums.
Tsum Tsums
Image sourced from www.disneystore.co.uk
So after thinking I was the worst mummy in the world for not being able to get my big princess the birthday present of her choice, I finally managed it (even if it did arrive after her birthday). Fingers crossed the Tsum Tsum mania will have dissolved by next years birthdays! 

Do your children love Tsum Tsums too? Have you had problems finding the ones you want? As always I'd love to hear from you.


  1. Nope, I've never heard of Tsum Tsums Kate (even via the children at school!).

    Remember those crazes when the boys were little though. It was all Toy Story and Tamagotchi's (sp?). Then the latest Fifa or Match Attacks.

    Next birthday I am sure it will be something else ...

    1. Oh Shaz how could Tsum Tsums have passed you by? ;)

      I remember Tamagotchi's and Match Attacks cards, I also remember Trolls with their bright spiky hair - I was obsessed with them and had them in all sizes!

      Don't you just love toy crazes.

      Thanks for stopping by x


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