V Family Favourites - Pug Fashion

Although our lovely Flint is certainly not a Pug, we're quite fond of them in this house. A friend of ours has four cute little pugs and we get to have a cuddle with them now and then!

This brings me on to the subject of this post - Pug fashion. N loves wearing clothes covered in Pugs, she already has Pug T-shirts and leggings but whenever we're clothes shopping and we spot something else we just can't resist.

Today we're sharing some of our online Pug finds...
1. Principles by Ben de Lisi Designer cream pug print scarf - We love this pug print scarf and as its one of those light, wispy ones it's perfect for this kind of spring weather where it's sunny but chilly.
Currently £20.00 at Debenhams.

2. Girls Pug Print Leggings - Although N already has a pair of Pug leggings she feels like a girl can never have too many (very true). These are for girls aged between 4 and 10 years old and would make a great addition to N's collection.
Currently priced from £4.00 at George, Asda.

3. Teens White Glasses Pug T-Shirt - Another thing N loves on her clothes is glasses (and moustaches but that's another post altogether) so this T-shirt is right up her street. For girls aged between 9 and 13 years old, I have a feeling we'll be buying this one very soon.
Currently £6.99 at New Look.

4. Red Pug Print Socks - This one was my choice because I have a bit of a thing for print socks... yep I'm a grown woman who loves socks with pictures on! I have all sorts of socks with animals on (even badgers) but I don't have any with Pugs on so I think these are a must.
Currently just £1.99 at New Look or 3 pairs for £4!

Pugs have become really popular in recent years and all the lovely merchandise enables us to have them in our lives without actually having to get the furry kind (I don't think Flint would approve).

Do you like Pugs? Do you have any items of Pug fashion? I'd love to hear from you.


  1. I think it was Andrea Faustini who made pug fashion popular Kate! (X Factor). Everyone fell in love with his sweetness (apart from my household) ...

    I love scarves. Really complement outfits at work and home so very versatile.

    1. We don't watch X Factor and I always wondered why there was suddenly pug goodies everywhere, now I know!

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. I love the socks. I'm a huge fan of cartoon, animal socks. I have one's with dog paw prints, pigs and cats. my daughter and I also have pug t-shirts. We love wearing them on the same day lol Angela

    My recent post "upcycling with Gordon" http://wp.me/p5XRN6-1iE

    1. Haha you're lucky, my daughter would be horrified if I tried that! It's great to hear from someone else who loves socks so thank you for stopping by :)


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