V Family Top 5 Pets

All families have their favourite things and the V Family are no different, so over the coming weeks I'm sharing some of our top 5 lists with you.

To get the following results everyone (except E of course) sat down and wrote our favourites on a piece of paper, then we allocated points according to position in the top 5 and added them up to find our winners.

All of the V Family love pets, even E who spends ages watching the geckos and locusts in the vivarium. So this week we decided to vote for our favourites and here are the results:

Top 5 Pets
  1. Dogs
  2. Cats
  3. Horses
  4. Geckos
  5. Hamsters
I think number one was always going to be dogs thanks to our lovely Flint, he really is everything you could want in a pet. 

Unfortunately our house isn't in a good position to have a cat so we settle for visiting family and friends with cats and play with theirs instead. N is crazy about cats so we've promised her that when we move house we'll get her one. 

The horse in the photo was our beautiful Shire Pilot, sadly he's no longer with us but we've always said we'd love another one (when we have more space and more money). 

Geckos are incredibly easy to take care of once you have everything set up correctly and at the right temperature so they make great pets. 

Finally the good old hamster, we've had quite a few since having the children. At one time we had three, all in different cages taking up a massive amount of room and taking ages to clean but it was all good fun. The Hamster in the photo was called Lightning, he was a Chinese Dwarf hamster and had such a lovely temperament and this is why we think they are good pets.

Do you have pets? Which type of pet is your favourite?


  1. Love this feature Kate.

    Dogs never featured in my life until Taz but I wouldn't be without him! I still miss our 2 cats (15 and 16 when they passed) and I always felt honoured they had chosen us to spend their lives with. Taz was quite low in the hierarchy hahaha He wanted to make friends at the garden centre yesterday with their cat but the cat wasn't having any of it ...

    1. Haha, I always had cats growing up, they are definitely more fussy about who they spend their time with! After having your cats for so long it's no wonder you still miss them. Thank you for sharing Shaz. x


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