Vita Coco Kids Review

I'm always looking for healthy alternatives for the children and us adults so when I read about the benefits of drinking coconut water I really wanted to try it out for my family. I had heard lots of good things about Vita Coco Kids and the eye-catching TV adverts made them look even more appealing so when I saw this pack of four mango and pineapple flavour on offer for just £1.50 in Sainsbury's, I couldn't resist. 
Vita Coco Kids
N was the first to try one, her reaction as she opened the straw was 'wow I love that', this confused me because she hadn't even got to the drink yet so I wondered what it was that she loved. Then she showed me the straw which has a double bendy bit, this is clearly an impressive feature for an 8 year old.
Vita Coco Kids
As for the drink itself, to begin with she was put off by the strong pineapple flavour (I admit that I found it a bit overwhelming for my tastes too) but she soon got over that and finished the carton. A couple of days later she polished off another one and I noticed her handwriting on the shopping list simply saying 'Coco Kids' so I think it was a hit with her in the end.

Hubby couldn't get enough of the one he tried, he loved it! He isn't a fan of coconuts so didn't expect to like it at all, I think he thought the coconut flavour would be stronger but in fact it was quite subtle. T refused to even try it because he said he doesn't like coconuts, mango or pineapple so there was no point - showing off his pre-teen attitude nicely there.
Vita Coco Kids
They also do an apple and blackcurrant flavour which I think might be even more popular in our household, even T likes apple and blackcurrant drinks!

Have you tried Vita Coco Kids? What did you think?