Weight Loss Month 4

It's that time again, time to announce my weight loss for this month. The past few months I have to admit that I didn't enjoy posting the news because it generally wasn't good. 

Last month I realised that I needed to make a decision about which diet I was going to follow and I'm pleased to say that I made that decision, I've mostly stuck to it and I've lost a whopping 7lb this month!!
In the end I decided to combine two types of diet - ones that worked well for me in the past. So I've mixed up the Slim Fast diet and the My Fitness Pal app diet to create a routine that is really working for me. I've even had a few indulgent days where I haven't worried about dieting at all, I think those have been important because sometimes I just need a treat!

Both of these diets are essentially calorie counting diets so it was easy to combine the two. The difference is that Slim Fast gives you less calories per day than the My Fitness Pal app so on the days when I feel like I need a bit more I simply stick to the higher calorie intake that the My Fitness Pal app allows me.

Here is a typical day:

Breakfast: Up to 200 calories.
Snack: Up to 100 calorie snack.
Lunch: Slim Fast milkshake (made with skimmed milk) - 230 calories.
Snack: Up to 100 calorie snack.
Dinner: A 600 - 800 calorie meal (my favourite part of the day!).
Snack: Up to 100 calorie snack.

I also have a morning and evening latte which I just can't do without and if I'm really struggling then I'll have an extra 100 calorie snack here and there or go slightly over the 'up to' amounts. I think this works for me because I'm not actually stopping myself from having things if I really want them. I'm a happy dieter and this is the most important thing for me. 

Something which always amazes me is just how much you can have for that 600 calorie evening meal - if you choose healthier options you can have a big plate full of food! I generally only have 600 calories for dinner because of this but there have been days when I felt I needed a bit extra or just needed some full fat chips so I had them, as long as it doesn't go over the 800 calorie mark then it really doesn't matter!

So now I'll share my overall stats (I've been looking forward to this part):

8lb lost.
23lb to go.


  1. Whoop! Fabulous Kate. Well done.

    It's definitely about doing what is right for you and your lifestyle :)

    Must admit I started cycling every night again last week (and lost 5 lbs) but have had a virus since then (and probably put it back on again).

    I am wary of diets (my diabetes is controlled with diet and exercise) and for me, the best way has been exercise.

    Well done again x x

    1. Thank you Shaz, I'm so pleased. Congratulations on your weight loss, sorry you've been ill since then and I hope you're feeling better soon!

      It's funny how every time I've lost weight it's been with a different method - just goes to show how life changes from year to year. x

  2. Well done! That's some great loss. It sounds like you're doing great and being sensible about it too. I am always wary of the Slim Fast diet because some people go mad with it and replace ALL meals with a shake. Not good. But it sounds like you're not denying yourself anything you fancy and that's good. Well done. xx

    1. Oh wow I can't imagine replacing all meals with Slim Fast shakes, that's crazy! My plan is to lose weight at a slower pace so that it stays off.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)


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