Announcing The V Family Limerick Competition Winner

Today I'm pleased to share the winner and writers of our family limerick competition. The winner was, drumroll please...


Her limerick won with 3 votes:

For the next month she is the proud owner of the V Family House Cup!

V Family House Cup

Let me share the winning limerick with you once more...

I have an aunt called Clare
Who is currently running for mayor
She's really devoted
To being promoted
And her policies are incredibly fair

And now to share the writers of the losing limericks - number 2 was mine, number 3 was T (anything involving poo had to come from a pre-teen) and number 4 was written by hubby.

We all really enjoyed making up our limericks. Why not have a limerick or poem competition of your own!


  1. I was so rooting for number 3. Any limerickthat includes the phrase followed through isca winner to me.

    1. Hahaha I think that's what he thought too and to be honest I thought that one would win as well!

      Thank you for taking part and stopping by to leave a comment :)


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